General Laboratory Consumables

Simplify your workflows with SunSyn's comprehensive range of General Laboratory Consumables. From gloves to pipettes, our products are designed to meet the essential needs of your laboratory, ensuring a smooth and efficient research environment.



Moulded in Polypropylene, Spatula consists of a spoon on one side while the other end is a flat construction with a knife edge


Test tube stand 3 tier

3 tier design provide clear view of the tube contents and convenient insertions and removal of tubes. These autoclavable racks can withstand sub-freezing temperatures.


Bunsen Burner

Nickel plated burner tube 100 x 12 mm, with adjustable screwed air regulator, riffled connector, mounted on a stove enamelled, pressed steel wide base of 80 mm dia. Overall height 125 mm. With one spare jet


Boss Head

3 Pressure die cast aluminium alloy. With offset jaws, nickel plated clamping screws, to hold rods up to 16 mm. with stands heavy clamping pressure.


Laboratory Jack

3 Laboratory jacks are designed to lift and hold heavy chemistry and physics apparatuses. Ideal for supporting glassware, hotplates and other small instruments that require precise height regulation. Scissor type lab jacks comes in different sizes and materials.